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How it Works?

If your skis aren’t running just right, simply drop them off and we’ll get them waxed and repaired for your next adventure!

With over 50 years in the cross country ski industry, our ski shop is the best place to bring all types of cross country skis for waxing, mounting, and repair. We put intense care and passion into each pair of skis we work on. We also partner with Boulder Nordic Sport to provide the best stone grinding in the industry for the fastest skis on the trail. We are the ones to trust for ski repair in Breckenridge.

Wax and Repair Pricing

Basic Wax


Clean skis with bronze brush and wax with basic wax, scrape and brush, liquid wax kick zone

Performance Wax


High quality, superior durability wax applied with same thorough technique as basic wax

Race Wax


Clean skis with brush and CF cleaner as needed, wax with temperature specific perf wax and temp specific top coat

New Ski Prep


Let us take the best possible care of your new skis by applying multiple coats of wax in a specific order to saturate and harden the bases and make them as fast as possible

Flex Testing


Flex test your skis to improve how you wax them or just to know if they are right for you

Binding Mount or Replacement


Always free when you buy your new skis from us

Pole Cutting and Sizing


Allow our experts to size and cut your poles for the best performance for your needs


Knowledgeable Care

Proper care of your skis not only helps them glide more efficiently, but also makes sure they last as long as possible. Let our wax and ski repair techs take proper care of your skis, making them as effortless as possible.


Right Tools

Our retail shop also carries the top brands for wax and tools, and our knowledgable staff can help you know how to best care for your equipment if you wish to take on ski waxing at home.

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