Skate Skiing in Breckenridge

Skate Skiing

A Twist on Cross Country Skiing

A more dynamic version of cross country skiing, skate skiing in Breckenridge is faster and more agile than classic skiing.  While it is more difficult to learn than classic or traditional style cross country skiing, it is the next level of skiing fun!

Our new, high-quality rental equipment and our patient and passionate instructors are sure to give you the best head start possible. If you already feel comfortable on classic skis and want the next step, we would love to get you on skate skis.

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How it Works

A Need for Speed

Those who enter into the world of skate skiing in Breckenridge are given the blessing of more speed, more agility, and more distance covered. Kids and adults alike are bound to love the feeling of “flying on snow”. If you are looking for more excitement and are ready for the next challenge, skate skiing may be right for you!

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Years of Experience

Since its inception in the mid 80s, skate skiing has swept the cross country ski world as the faster brother to classic skiing. Our family joined right in and began offering instruction and skate specific equipment as soon as it became available. As the sport evolved with new and improved equipment and better technique, the Breckenridge Nordic Center perfected its teaching methods and has stayed on the cutting edge of trail grooming, equipment fitting, and ski selection.


Private Lessons

We offer daily private skate lessons, annual skate skiing clinics, skate equipment for all ages, and the very best grooming available. Should you wish to start with classic skiing as a more gentle introduction to cross country skiing and progress to skate skiing afterward, a $5 upgrade fee will allow you to switch to the more advanced equipment within the same day.  You may also choose to take a private skate lesson or follow along with our free intro to skate skiing video.


Demo Equipment Available

Ready for your own equipment? We are sure to meet your needs with our large selection of skate skis, boots, and poles in our retail shop. Let our expert staff guide you to the right equipment. And unlike most shops, you can test the equipment for yourself before you buy it.

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