Trail Report – January 19th, 2022

30 km of skiing now open between lower and upper trail systems.

All trails open and groomed for classic and skate skiing except Hang Ten.

Open Ski Trails :

Gold Digger – Groomed Daily for skate and classic. Fully open with man-made and natural snow. Skiing extremely well.

Cool Whip -Groomed daily for skate and classic. Fully open with man-made and natural snow.  Skiing extremely well.

Baby Doe – Groomed daily for skate and classic. Fully open with man-made and natural snow.  Skiing extremely well.

Troll Forest – Groomed daily for skate and classic. Fully open with man-made and natural snow.  Skiing extremely well.

Shock Hill -Groomed daily for skate and classic. Fully open with man-made and natural snow.  Skiing extremely well.  This is an advanced trail with steep hills and sharp curves.  Ski within your ability and always in control.

Beaver Meadows – All of Beaver Meadows now open with excellent conditions. Some natural hazards and unmarked holes still exist.

Morning Glory – Open and Groomed for skate and classic.

Hang Ten – This trail is currently closed due to safety concerns.

Elk Dance, and Heaven’s Gate – Groomed several times a week as often as possible.  We try to groom this on a consistent schedule for Saturdays, Mondays and Thursdays but it is sometimes delayed by storms.

Open Snowshoe Trails :

Willow – Now fully open and marked both directions.

Pence Miller – Now fully open.  We recommend traveling around Pence Miller in a counter-clockwise direction.

Engleman – Fully open.

Foxy Loxy – Fully Open.

Upper snowshoe trails including, Snow Wonder, Robins Nest etc – Open with natural snow.  Intermediate and advance terrain only. Marked but not as easy to follow as lower trails. All users must carry water, food, adequate clothing and well charged phones.


Rules of the Trails – Failure to follow the below regulations could result in pass loss (incuding alpine passes) without refund and possible law enforecment involvement.

Trail use- Breckenridge Nordic center trails on town land, private land with easements and Forest Service land are under special use permits.  Winter use is restricted to cross country skiing, snowshoeing and activities related to guided tours sanctioned by the Breckenridge Nordic Center.  Activities outside of the above listed such as hiking, biking dog walking, Downhill skiing, sledding or similar, are not permitted on our trails at any time. 

All trail users must have a trail pass visibly displayed at all times. Breckenridge Nordic Center staff reserves the right to ask to see a trail pass.  Failure to carry a Breckenridge Nordic Trail pass while using BNC trails is considered theft of services and is punishable with up to a $500 fine and/or Downhill pass removal.

Dogs are not permitted on Golddigger, Troll Forest, Beaver Meadows, Baby Doe, Cool Whip, Morning Glory Foxy Loxy, Willow, Pence Miller or Engleman below Ski Hill Road.  

Dogs are permitted on Elk Dance, Otter Slide,  Snow Wonder, Heavens Gate, Gluteus Minumus and Maximus, Robins Nest and Engleman above Ski Hill Road under the following circumstances:

    – Dogs must be with a pass carrying skier or snowshoer

    -Dogs are on a leash or are under srtict voice command

    -Owners pickup and carry out any waste.  waste bags must    not be left on the side of the trail at any time.

    -Dogs at no point, should show aggression, to any skier or snowshoer or cause skiers to lose control, or be required to avoid colllision with said animal. 

For questions regarding trail regulations, please contact Gene and Therese Dayton at  


The Breckenridge Nordic Center’s Trails are unique in the West. Just a minute’s drive from Downtown Breckenridge up Ski Hill Road, you’ll discover 1,400 acres of Cross Country Nordic and Snowshoeing trails. They travel in and through the town’s protected Cucumber Gulch Preserve and up in the High Country in the New Nordic World under Peaks 6 and 7.

The trails start at 9,800 feet and circumnavigate the area through pristine legend forests with soaring mountain views. Due to the Nordic Center’s high mountain location, it’s season runs from mid November thru April – the longest in Colorado. The consistent snow quality and kettle moraine topography terrain creates an exceptional destination for all types of Nordic sports and skill levels.

There are over 30 kilometers of well-groomed Nordic trails with set tracks for traditional classic style skiing and skate lanes for freestyle Nordic skiing while snowshoers enjoy over 20 kilometers of singletrack trails.

Nestled on the *Upper trails are two destination huts, the Hallelujah Hut and Kathy’s Viewpoint Cabin/Sauna.  The 18 X 18 hand hewn square log cabin called the Hallelujah Hut (shown below) was the original “Retort House” for smelting gold ore into 20 pound gold blocks during historic mining days of the late 1890’s.

Trail Map

The trails are illustrated below and you can also click here for a full size PDF of the map.

Help us stay green: Text “TMC map” to 88202 for a hi-res version of our map that you can download to your phone!

“Best Nordic Center, Best Trails, and Best Food”

This is one of the best nordic centers ever. First, the miles and miles of trails through the woods, right by the base of the Breck ski area, and the trails like Glutes Minimus says it all. The downhill runs are equal to any greens at the ski area. Then there is the Hallelujah Hut. The owners restored this old cabin and it serves as a warming hut. It’s beautiful to ski to it through the woods with spectacular views of the mountains. The Nordic center is beautiful inside and very welcoming, with great soups and drinks.

—Suzie, Fort Collins